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Website Design

Offered At:

District, State, National



Event Type:

Team (1-3)





Event Topic

2023-2024 Topic:

You have been asked by a non-profit organization in your community to develop a website that promotes the benefits of partnering with them on an annual basis. In addition to promoting these benefits, the non-profit is sponsoring a gala in the next 90 days to help raise funds needed to support their mission. They have asked you to develop a website that will promote the non-profit organization and the gala.

The website should include the following elements:

  • Navigation menu.

  • A header that promotes the non-profit organization and its activities.

  • A sub-section highlighting the gala and relevant information.

  • An online form page to donate to the non-profit organization.

  • An online form page to register for the gala.

Do not create live websites without permission from the non-profit organization.


District to State = Top 2

State to Nationals = 4

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