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Missouri Valley at UFLC

12/5/22, 6:00 PM

Missouri Valley FBLA learns key skills at UFLC to carry them forward through the rest of the school year.

Originally published in the Missouri Valley Times

Members of the Missouri Valley FBLA club recently spent time at United Fall Leadership Conference (UFLC) in Des Moines. UFLC was an opportunity for six of the FBLA students to learn more about business through workshops, breakout sessions, and much more.

The members also got the chance to listen to a keynote speaker, as well as network with other FBLA students across the state. They plan to take what they learned throughout the conference and apply it in their club activities and continue working throughout the rest of the school year on various projects.

Following this conference, Missouri Valley FBLA members will be attending districts and state in the upcoming months and will get the opportunity to compete in different levels of competition with other members across the state. To pay for these trips, FBLA does many fundraisers, including selling homecoming gear, selling Krispy Kreme donuts in the form of “digital dozens,” and through MoJoe’s sales, which is the student-led coffee shop right in the school.

Some service projects that this club participates in every year include the Adopt-A-Teacher project for conference meals and the Thanksgiving basket donation to Key Club. Missouri Valley’s FBLA club started five years ago and is going on its sixth year.

When the club started at Missouri Valley High School, it started small with only a few service projects a year. In the past two years, the club has worked under their supervisor, Carrie Kohl, to expand. They started by recruiting new members and getting involved in more activities, such as attending conferences and involving themselves in more community service projects. FBLA is a great opportunity for students to become successful business leaders, by learning leadership development, community service, and gain real-world experiences and connections to businesses.

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