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Program of Work

The 2022-2023 state officer team created a program of work to direct the actions of our state chapter for the upcoming school year. Use this plan of action to guide your work at the local level.

Goal 1: Creating Quality Chapters

1 / Create a "New Adviser" Page

Figure out what sources and deficiencies they need

Create resources

Work with experienced advisers to get shout outs

2 / Cross-Chapter Activities

Add questions about projects to beginning of year survey

Advertise what other chapters do (Event Highlights)

Up-points on cross chapter activities in FBLAOPOLY

3 / Create Chapter Visits

Create resources

Create activities

Create presentation aids

Advertise chapter visits

Goal 2: Communication Plan for Officers

1 / Tik Tok Social Media

Use Tik Tok twice per month

Create a local officer Tik Tok campaign

Have 50 total Tik Toks by the end of the year

2 / Communicate with Local Chapter Officers

Create Remind account

Import data

Minimum of four messages a month

3 / Maintain Post Frequency/Social Media Presence

Use/Follow social media calendar

Post to social media platforms at least three times a week (includes stories)

Goal 3:
Business Communication + Finance

1 / Increase Chapter Involvement with Businesses

Contact chapters to assist with finding a business for them to tour

Create guide for chapters to use to complete a business tour

Business shout outs (business/career)

2 / Finance

Large company sponsorship

Collaborate with Collegiate division on tips for getting ready for college

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