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Developing student members is an exciting time for advisers, officers, and leaders.  When all chapter leadership is engaged in a collaborative effort to develop the next generation of business leaders and support the development of a high-quality, intracurricular chapter, the school, and community will find benefit in the work of the local FBLA chapter.


The Iowa FBLA Leadership Kit is focused on developing the officer team, leadership skills, local chapter members, and community engagement. New for 2023-24 kits are learning modules on program of work development, leadership training, and service learning.  Each kit is designed to increase chapter quality by developing strengths and competencies in a local chapter officer team.  Each Leadership Kit is driven by an officer leadership workbook for student learning and an adviser facilitation guidebook for support.


Includes: Seven (7) officer leadership workbooks, eight (8) membership stickers, one (1) adviser facilitation guidebook including a digital download and supplies for leadership team activities. 

2024-25 Leadership Kit

Kits will ship starting May 15
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