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Run for
State Office

As an FBLA high school state officer, inspire your peers to greatness! Facilitate leadership opportunities, mentorship, and career insights, shaping students for success beyond high school.


Why Run?

Hear from our 2023-24 high school state officers about their favorite parts about being a state officer and why they think you should run for office!

Who is an Officer?

Being an Iowa FBLA Officer is a privilege afforded for only those members deserving of the experience. Being an Officer is not about being seen in the public eye or about gaining extra recognition but instead about serving the 2,200+ members of our organization. Being an Officer requires a great deal of work, effort, and sacrifices. In return, officers will be greatly rewarded by discovering an experience unmatched by any other. Officers also have the privilege of receiving many opportunities, training, and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Position Responsibilities

  • Presides at officer meetings and official business meetings

  • Appoints appropriately needed committees and committee chairpersons

  • Maintains close communication with the state adviser and other division presidents

  • Ensures that the tasks required to accomplish the program of work are being performed in a timely manner by the officer team

  • Performs duties for the promotion and development of local, district, state and national FBLA

  • Serves a one year term on the Iowa FBLA Board as a non voting ex-officio member

Important Upcoming 2024 Dates 

Feb 29

HS State Officer Application Deadline

5:00 PM
Mar 10

HS State Officer Candidate Test Deadline

5:00 PM
Mar 10

HS State Officer Candidate Campain Materials Deadline

5:00 PM
Mar 10

HS State Officer Candidate Speech Deadline

5:00 PM
Mar 12-14

HS State Officer Candidate Interviews

Mar 24-26

High School State Leadership Conference (SLC)

Mar 24

HS State Officer Candidate Briefing

4:30 PM
Mar 24

HS State Officer Candidate Practice

7:00 PM
Mar 24

SLC Opening Session & Campaign Rally

8:00 PM
Mar 25

HS State Officer Candidate Campaign Booths Open

8:00 AM
Mar 26-27

Elected Officer Orientation

Candidate Documents

Apply For 2024-25 State Office

High School State Officer applications for the 2024-25 year are closed.


Contact FBLA Staff for more information.

Madison Kraemer.jfif

Madison Kraemer

State Officer Coach

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