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Iowa FBLA Day
American Enterprise Day

Future Business Leaders of America sets aside November 15 to celebrate American Enterprise Day. To celebrate American Enterprise Day, Iowa FBLA annually declares the day Iowa FBLA Day to bring awareness to both American Enterprise and Iowa FBLA across the great state of Iowa.

Event Objectives

Showcase high quality FBLA chapters from across the state with students sharing the benefit of FBLA and American Enterprise Day.

Advocate how FBLA prepares students for contributing to society and the economy.
Learn professionalism, communication, and leadership skills by being active with elected officials, media outlets, and key stakeholders.

Historical Context

American Enterprise Day was started by Jimmy Carter, who made a Presidential Proclamation on August 8, 1980. That was over 40 years ago, and to this day we observe American Enterprise Day on November 15. President Carter’s goal was to educate young people about capitalism through the organization of Future Business Leaders of America. Since then, Iowa FBLA brings awareness to both American Enterprise and FBLA through advocacy and promotion.

Event Logistics

American Enterprise Day is a great way to recognize how free enterprise has positively contributed to the economy. For example, if you work for someone else, you choose the occupation that you want to pursue. The owners of the businesses you work for make it possible for people to purchase the goods and services that they need. Because of free enterprise you can make decisions like that, on your own.

There are numerous activities that your chapter can do to celebrate American Enterprise Day. That could mean inviting a local business to come speak to your school, preparing class skits, or even running an essay contest. Whatever project your chapter chooses to undertake is an opportunity to teach someone else about the importance of the free enterprise system.

23 Iowa FBLA Day Proclamation.jpg

Preparing for the Event

Iowa FBLA Day is a day to embrace the wonderful opportunities that our organization has to offer! Chapters are invited to celebrate at the local level. This includes practicing competitive events, serving other members in the community, hosting an FBLA meeting to induct new members or install officers, networking with fellow FBLA chapters in your District, touring local businesses to learn how they operate, and much more.

Contact Your Legislator

Contact your legislator to share information about Iowa FBLA and American Enterprise Day. You can send an email or call your legislator using the templates provided. To locate your legislator, use the link below to search for your legislator or call the office.

Iowa House
Phone: 515-281-3221

Iowa Senate
Phone: 515-281-3371

Contact Local Media

Contact your local media outlets to share information about Iowa FBLA and American Enterprise Day. You can send an email or call local outlets using the templates provided. To locate Iowa’s most common media outlets, click here to view the Iowa Media Directory

Share on Social Media

Share your celebration of Iowa FBLA Day on social media with #IAFBLADay and tag the official Iowa FBLA Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, and LinkedIn account.

Iowa FBLA Social Media
Official Hashtag: #IAFBLADay
Instagram: @iowafbla
Twitter: @iowafbla
Facebook: @IAFutureBusinessLeaders
TikTok: @iowafbla
LinkedIn: @iowafbla

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